Still tinkering with running a Metamorphosis Alpha game with a fantasy level using Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future instead of the Metamorphosis Alpha rules. I was originally going to work with the Delving Deeper rules, but its alot easier to use MF, MA, and S&S tech/mutant rules with LL than DD, which is a shame because I like D6 HP and D6 damage. I’ll allow all the normal LL classes (With race-as-class), some of the third party classes (Vivimancer, Witch, etc.) and the Mutants and Mazes Race-classes. I might also allow some stuff from Starships and Spacemen if anyone really wants to play a revived/cloned ships crew member. Level 11 I’m thinking that the primary fantasy level is 11, its been mostly deforested except for a ring of heavily mutated forests at the foothills of the mountains, the mountains are dwarf and dragon infested zones, the woods are home to mutants, fey, and strange things born to the ship by alien spores. There are plenty of woodlands interior of this but they are medieval managed forests of coppiced trees, and pleached orchards. Level 11 Sublevel The ground is fairly deep and home to a couple of D&D style dungeons, but most of that is in the mountains. But the support level below is also prime adventuring fodder, and has elevators that run strait to level 14. Level 12 Yuan-ti and Level of the Lost Level 14 The entire level has gone dark due to a massive failure in the holographic sky. Essentially its D&Ds underdark meshed with Escape from New York. People live off mutated fungi and parasitic (non-photosynthetic) plants. The mutant humanoids are in a constant state of gang warfare, and warlords fight for control of food supplies into the city.