I’ve never really been a Tech-Bro playing at horticulture, I’ve pretty much always been a Gardener playing at being a Tech-Bro. Other than a recent stint as the Gardener for an afterschool program most of my work has been in sort of blue collar tech grunt labor. I’ve finally decided to right things by going back to school for Horticulture, and now that I’m not trying to make a living fixing tech problems I don’t care about I’m actually having alot more fun with Technology.

I’ve been an SDF user for around a Decade or so, if your not familiar with SDF you can learn about it here. I’m also on the Tildeverse over at and Public Unix Servers (Pubnix) serve a useful social, “old internet”, educational, and experimental purpose. The communities on them aren’t always perfect but they are worth it.

I run FreeBSD, Have a Technician Class Amateur License (that I don’t use) kj6drh, And before all that I was a linux fanboy going all the way back to Mandrake Linux.

Capheind is just Caffeine + Feind + Phone Phreak spelling. I came up with it during an energy drinking binge back when I was learning programming at a Community College and it stuck. Also named a few RPG characters after it (Particularly a Troll Decker from Shadowrun). I’ve used the handle/username/nick for years, and its basically just my other name now.