Next in my series of Mindjammer Pregens, a Sniper, because every team of black-ops badasses requires a cool efficient ranged killing machine. My first thought was to blow my Extras budget on Extras, but then I realized they were totally unnecessary. Instead here is a highly skilled, and exceptionally talented, gunman with the skills to get what he needs, execute the mission, and leave no evidence he was ever there. The only persistent gear this Merc keeps on his person is his Sensor drone, used to help him setup a shot. With a high Ranged Combat skill, the Uncanny Accuracy stunt, and his Sensor Drone he can build a stack of free invokes to overcome extreme range. Even without any weapon bonuses whatsoever he has a minimum of two Free Invokes on a successful Create Advantage, another free invoke handed off from his drones Create Advantage action, and a Ranged Combat +4 thats a total of +10 to take down his target!

Soldier of Fortune


  • Culture: Commonality
  • Genotype: Commonality Human
  • Occupation: Merc
  • Tech Index: T9
  • Habituated Gravity: Standard (.84G)
  • Actual Age: 35
  • Apparent Age: Mature Adult


  • High Concept: Efficient Contract Sniper.
  • Trouble: Everything is Disposable…
  • Cultural Aspect: People like me keep the commonality ticking!
  • Other Aspects: 


  • Refresh: 5
  • Physical - 3 Stress
  • Mental - 2 Stress
  • General Consequences - Mild Moderate Severe
  • Credit - 3 Stress
  • Credit Consequences - Mild Moderate Severe


  • Great (+4): Ranged Combat
  • Good (+3): Melee Combat, Empathy
  • Fair (+2): Resources, Unarmed Combat, Rapport
  • Average (+1): Notice, Drive, Physique, Intrusion


  • Nose for Trouble (Empathy) - Use Empathy for notice when determining turn order if the character has observed the opposition for at least a few minutes.
  • Uncanny Accuracy (Ranged Combat) - Gain an additional free invoke once per conflict when Creating an Advantage to line up or prepare a shot.
  • Always a Way out (Intrusion) - Gain a +2 create an advantage bonus when trying to escape from a location.


  • Mindscape Implant
  • Monitor Band Cloak


  •  Sensor Drone - Good (+3) Notice; Fair (+2) Investigate; Average (+1) Athletics; Lie to Me stunt

Even though these pregens are intended to be used by players as a template for creating their own characters, I think I’m going to create a full team. I may stick to the existing Genotypes, but I’m really tempted to explore the idea of a Neo-Avian pilot, and a Zvukimu Hominid Technician.